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Gyeongnam Art Museum

Changwon, as the capital of Gyeongnam province, is home to the Gyeongnam Art Museum, the province’s main art museum.  Also known as GAM, the museum was announced in December 2003, and opened in June 2004.  The museum’s exterior is a pretty unique site in Changwon, with large glass facades spanning …

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Better Know a Dong: Dogye and Sodap

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam View Dogye and Sodab Dong, Changwon in a larger map The two dongs sitting perpendicular to each other at the end of the Wonidaero can seem a little perplexing at first glance; a large rest area between the vibrant Palyong-dong and the opulence …

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Neighborhood Map (Uichang gu, Seongsan gu)

We proudly present to you a map of neighborhoods (dong) in the central Changwon area (Uichang gu and Seongsan gu).  This map features the approximate locations of each neighborhood, using information gleaned from Google maps.  These neighborhoods are the smaller, colloquial dongs, as detailed in Changwon’s Neighborhood System, and thus, much …

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Changwon Velodrome

Do you have 400 won nearby? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck! You have enough money to visit the Changwon Competitive Biking Track! For a mere 400 won you can see the world of competitive biking, and, if you wish, you can bet on these bikers …

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Gyeongsangnam do Korean War Monument

Built in 1985, the Korean War Monument (충혼탑) is located in Uichang gu, near the row of parks stretching from Deok dong to Sam dong.  Set back from the street is a massive 47.1 meter (+150 feet) monument dedicated to the 1,142 soldiers from Gyeongsangnam province that died in the …

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Changwon Computer Market

Admittedly, “computer market” is a loose term.  창원기계공구상가, which translates to Changwon Machine Tools is a large, dingy building full of shops selling a wide range of equipment.  The second floor (which may or may not be assessable primarly through unlit stairwells) contains many computer-related shops.  Laptops, desktops, RAM, and other components …

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Daewon Leports Park

Daewon Leports Park is a large park in Daewon-dong, east of Homeplus, across the river.  This large park is home to multiple courts/courses/fields for a wide array of sports.  In fact, a list of the included sports might require some research to fully understand.  Either way, this park provides an …

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Pension Office

Many foreigners working in South Korea pay a portion of their monthly salary into the National Pension Service.  As with most paper work-related activity in Korea, the specific information, such as which countries participate in the program or their level of participation, varies. Without intending to be the authority on …

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Asia Marts

Asia Marts are a common occurrence throughout Korea. They usually have a big red sign and lots of ads for Calling Cards. Inside is a treasure trove of foods not normally found in typical Korean grocery stores. Though sometimes hard to find, these stores are fun to wander through,with their Halal meats, …

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