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Skiing in South Korea during the Winter Games! Have you ever wondered what it’s like skiing in South Korea? One of our city locals, youTuber and Vlogger James Wilkes went to High 1 ski resort and recorded his experience. Some more great overhead views of of the ski hill and see …

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September 2012 Korea Festival Calendar

This season, we’re parsing down our biannual schedule of Korean festivals into individual months.  May we proudly present September 2012.  Aside from the Masan Fish Market festival on 14th through 16th, all of these festivals are out of Changwon’s province. But in October, there will be several in Changwon alone. …

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An Introduction to Korea’s Administrative Divisions

South Korea is divided and subdivided in generally clear and easy to understand ways. The following is a brief introduction: The country is divided into 9 provinces (도) (Jeju is one, though it is self-governing (특별 자치도)), 6 metropolitan cities (광역시), and 1 special city (특별시) (Seoul) which serves as the country’s capital.  The metropolitan cities are governed …

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