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The Dimes They Are a Changin’

Contributed by Coins to Notes Exchange Facilitator, Niall Ruddy It may well be a cultural quirk but it seems that westerners tend to be slightly embarrassed about standing in a mart counting through coins to pay for something so most people will have a jar or some such receptacle full …

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China Massage

China Massage is located in the building across from Daiso in Sangnam Dong. They offer great massages at reasonable prices. China Massage is a reputable place where you get what you pay for and don’t need to worry about any hidden surprises. Inside China Massage is a simple menu with …

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The Frypan (closed in Sangnam)

While this information is still true for all the Frypan’s in the world, it is sadly not true in Changwon anymore. If another one appears, we will alert the press immediately.  With so many chicken places to choose from, some would say there’s no point saying one is better than …

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The Dentist

Edit 23/03/14: National Health Insurance now seemingly does cover dental! We’re not 100% sure on the details but for now just assume that it’s going to be cheaper. If anyone has the low down on what the accurate prices are with insurance, please message us. Either way, it is not …

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Cookie Plaza

While not the cheapest option for foreign foods, Cookie Plaza (쿠키프라자) does have some things that no other shops in Changwon have, namely baking supplies. If you are lucky enough to own an actual oven, this place has a plethora of ingredients, utensils and kitchen wares, conveniently located all in …

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Sangnam Market

Sangnam Market is a mainstay of Changwon life. Days ending in 4 and 9, the market comes to life with vendors selling fresh produce, fish and other meats, as well as household goods. Highlights include cheaper nuts, exotic looking sea creatures, and an occasional escaped octupus trying to make his/her …

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