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The 53rd Gunghangje Festival (Cherry Blossoms)

Happy Cherry Blossom Festival! The flowers have currently bloomed in Jinhae and Changwon. For maps and directions to the festival, please visit our older article or look at the second brochure below designed by city hall. Otherwise, here is an updated list of events and activities from April 1st – 10th, …

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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

Some current updated links for information on the 2019 Festival: Official Tourism Website JinHae Cherry Blossom Festival on Twitter Changwon City Official Blog Korea’s largest and most famous cherry blossom festival is only one week away! From April 1-10, make your way down south to Jinhae not only to see …

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September 2012 Korea Festival Calendar

This season, we’re parsing down our biannual schedule of Korean festivals into individual months.  May we proudly present September 2012.  Aside from the Masan Fish Market festival on 14th through 16th, all of these festivals are out of Changwon’s province. But in October, there will be several in Changwon alone. …

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2012 Korea Spring Festival Calendar

Jinhae’s cherry blossom festival may be finished this weekend, but spring festival season is just kicking off around Korea.  Here’s an overview of what is happening where.  Each festival’s timeframe is vertically marked on this calendar and each color represents the region of the country that it’s in. Using this …

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