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Cafe Street (Garosoo-gil/가로수길)

Garosoo-gil in Korean (가로수길) means a tree-lined street. The most famous avenue with this moniker is in the ritzy Sinsa-dong in Seoul, but Changwon has its own Garosoo-gil in Yongji-dong, near Yongji Lake. The official name of the street is 용지로239번길 (Yongji-ro 239 beon-gil), but it’s more commonly known to …

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Greenhouse Cafe

As promised, I went back to Greenhouse (그린하우스), Dogye-dong’s prized cafe and bakery, to see if their lunch options were as spectacular as their selection of bread and pastries. Unsurprisingly, lunch was delicious. Greenhouse did not disappoint. On a weekday around noon, the second floor cafe is spacious, quiet, and …

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Eun-soon Gu’s (구은순) Coffee Shop, Roastery, and Barista Training Centre

Photos and text by Joanna Tambakis Looking for a good spot to have a coffee, hang out, and meet friendly locals? Interested in learning more about coffee, from the roasting process to how to make an espresso, latte, or cappuccino? Want a place to do art, write your next novel, …

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Greenhouse Bakery in Dogye

Do you miss bread? I’m not talking about 빵. I mean baguettes and ciabattas, whole wheat and rye? Stop settling for the overly-sweet, limp and insubstantial breads and pastries of [insert conglomerate-owned bakery franchise here] and check out Greenhouse (그린하우스) in Dogye-dong. Under the skilled hand of an award-winning member of …

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Language Exchange in Changwon

Language Exchange is popular in big cities. The Language Exchange is good for both learners. By attending the Language Exchange, learners can feel comfortable in many situations. Koreans who learn English don’t feel shy any more. Expats who learn Korean meet good friends who tell them good expressions. Unlike big cities, a …

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