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2012 Korea Spring Festival Calendar

Jinhae’s cherry blossom festival may be finished this weekend, but spring festival season is just kicking off around Korea.  Here’s an overview of what is happening where.  Each festival’s timeframe is vertically marked on this calendar and each color represents the region of the country that it’s in. Using this …

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Furry Friends

Here are a few vets locations to help your furry friends if you adopt one while you are here. Click on the red pins below for more information on each place. If you have an update, please send us a message on FB. If you are looking to spread some animal …

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City Bus Numbering Guide

Recently, anyone frequenting a bus stop in Changwon will have noticed that the bus route maps have been removed.  Addtionally, many bus numbers have been changed or removed. This was caused by the city updating the bus system to fold in Jinhae and Masan’s buses. Normally, the easiest (computer/smart phone-aided) …

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