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The Dimes They Are a Changin’

Contributed by Coins to Notes Exchange Facilitator, Niall Ruddy It may well be a cultural quirk but it seems that westerners tend to be slightly embarrassed about standing in a mart counting through coins to pay for something so most people will have a jar or some such receptacle full …

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Changwon Immigration Office

*** Immigration has moved!! Until we get the new information, here is a flyer from immigration. The new building is behind HiMart. The new phone number is 055) 981-6000.** Whether you need a new visa, are switching contracts, or something else, the Immigration Office provides Changwon with all things immigration. The …

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Facebook Group Guide

When first arriving in Changwon, it can seem impossible to find other foreigners. Depending on where you live there may be weeks where you might go a few days without seeing any western faces. For this reason we have compiled the best places to go on the internet to seek …

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