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Changwon Daero Map

Ever wonder what a ‘daero’ (대로) is?  It’s a big road.  They’re all over town.  Most famous in Changwon is Changwon Daero. This is the large, extremely straight road north of industrial complex.  If you’ve ever wondered what or where they are, use this simplified map!

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Sewing Store in Dogye dong

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam Sewing Factory in Dogye Dong offers a selection of thread, material, equipment and general textile auxiliaries for the discerning, stylish Dogyite looking to mend that pair of trousers they broke fighting that alligator one time. Located about 100m past Seobu Sports Centre …

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Changwon Mountains Map

Changwon has so many mountains! This homemade map will hopefully make it easier to remember.

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