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Seobu Sports Center

Excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics? Korean star Kim Yuna will probably dominate the figure skating competition, and if you fall in love with her like the rest of the country has, perhaps you will be inspired to try your hand (or foot) at ice skating. Changwon doesn’t get much …

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Greenhouse Bakery in Dogye

Do you miss bread? I’m not talking about 빵. I mean baguettes and ciabattas, whole wheat and rye? Stop settling for the overly-sweet, limp and insubstantial breads and pastries of [insert conglomerate-owned bakery franchise here] and check out Greenhouse (그린하우스) in Dogye-dong. Under the skilled hand of an award-winning member of …

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Post Office

The Post Office in Korea is very helpful and useful if you have some basic Korean. If you are not confident in your Korean, the best advice is to tell your coworker what you need to do and ask them to write a note for you. The employees at the …

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