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Teacher Jeong Makgeolli Bar and Restaurant

  Teacher Jeong is a chain restaurant and bar combo known for its flavored makgeolli. Inside it is traditionally decorated and it sort of looks like a tree house or bunk bed tables which definitely makes for a cool atmosphere. Now, I have personally only been to two of the chains, …

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The 53rd Gunghangje Festival (Cherry Blossoms)

Happy Cherry Blossom Festival! The flowers have currently bloomed in Jinhae and Changwon. For maps and directions to the festival, please visit our older article or look at the second brochure below designed by city hall. Otherwise, here is an updated list of events and activities from April 1st – 10th, …

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Changwon Salsa and Bachata Dancing

  Here is information regarding Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Changwon. The class  features New York style salsa (ON2) class and is aimed towards beginners. Anyone who wants to learn how to salsa dance can take this class.   For more information please join their official Facebook page. 

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