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    Written by Collette Lee One of the nicest parts about working as an expat in …

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Better know a dong: Sanho-dong, Masan

Better know a dong: Sanho dong, Masan By Neil Barnum.   Sanho dong (산호동) is at the north end of Masan Bay. It is not the place to go for entertainment unless you like baseball (GO DINOS) but it is the place to go shopping and buy things you need. …

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Community Theatre in Changwon

Calling all drama nerds! Did you know that there is a thriving expat community theatre presence in Changwon? Most recently, this past June saw the smash-hit performance of Ken Ludwig’s Leading Ladies, directed by Sunil Mahtani with technical direction by Nadia Ronan and featuring local actors Jeremy Bryan, Jordan Marett, Jake Clark, …

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Temples in Jinhae

There are a few beautiful temples in Jinhae that are well hidden in the Jangbok mountain. The lower temple, Daegwangsa 대광사, has a beautiful garden and peaceful location.  Upon wandering around, I found myself surprised to see that there was a Sri Lankan monk who lives and manages the temple …

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