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Halloween Fun This Weekend

Changwon's Halloween Events

Wondering what’s going tonight for Halloween Events? Here’s a list of some of the events, where they are, and some info regarding each one! The Snack Shack Halloween Braai Party  – 5 PM Next Bar Halloween party with DJ Sean Twice – 9 PM The Warehouse Halloween N Big Awesome …

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Halloween Weekend In Changwon

Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year here in South Korea.  Ten years ago, if you worked here as an English teacher, you may have gotten a little taste of Halloween due to your work environment.  These days, you are seeing more and more signs saying ‘Happy …

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Changwon Kpop Festival

K-Pop Festival in Changwon City, September 29th, 2017 The second Changwon K-Pop Festival is just around the corner. This year is looking to bigger than the first year last year. Popular bands like BTS, Twice, Ailee, Monstax, and Astro are head lining the event. The event also includes their worldwide …

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Temples in Jinhae

There are a few beautiful temples in Jinhae that are well hidden in the Jangbok mountain. The lower temple, Daegwangsa 대광사, has a beautiful garden and peaceful location.  Upon wandering around, I found myself surprised to see that there was a Sri Lankan monk who lives and manages the temple …

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Sun Beach Waterpark

Upon driving up the road towards the Jangbok tunnel, I came to notice a waterpark in Jinhae. After speaking to my students about their summer vacations, I have confirmed its name: Sun Beach. It is where Parkland amusement park once was. Anyways, I can’t promise it is amazingly awesome but …

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Dos Mas

It has come to our attention that there is a Mexican chain restaurant in town, Dos Mas, over in the university area. Their website can be found here. One of our kind citizens has left us with a photo of the menu and another a photo of their food! Dos …

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I <3 Changwon: City Hall Outreach

Changwon City Hall are looking for twenty Changwon expats in order to promote the city both online via social media and at in-person events such as international conferences and dinners. City Hall are also looking for our input as a valued demographic in Changwon, so the position would also include …

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Kayaking around Changwon

Kayaking around coastal areas is very exciting.It’s a pity that we can not find good kayak programs and rent shops in South Korea. However there are a few kayak shops near Changwon. In the summer season there are marine leisure schools in Changwon. Kwanganri Marine Leports Center in Busan opens all year round. When persons …

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Cafe Hau: Interview

CAFÉ HAU is a great coffee shop with a purpose here in Changwon. I sat down with Cecile Hwang and GyungHee Moon to ask them some questions about this unique place. View Cafe Hau in a larger map Café Hau is a great place for coffee. What is your history? …

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A Day Trip Out Of Town

If you have done some research on Changwon, you will have heard of Mageumsan Hot Springs. The distance may have frightened you, but let me assure you, a trip out to the hot springs is a trip worth taking, if not for the healthy baths, then perhaps for the views. Mageumsan is located …

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Two Hidden Parks Near Yonji Lake

Yongji Lake is a great place to enjoy Changwon’s lovely scenery. With its soft track, foot massage path, and of course the light show, Yongji Lake seems to have everything. But did you know that there are two parks next to the lake where a person can also sit, relax, …

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