Articles about shopping in Changwon:

Better Know a Dong: Palyong Dong!

Palyong-dong (팔용동, sometimes spelled 팔룡동), is a large, boot-shaped neighborhood located at the northernmost end of Changwon. At its heel are the main bus terminal, Homeplus, and Changwon Stream, which is currently being developed into a beautiful park. Most of the boot’s shaft, running up Changwon-daero (창원대로), is comprised of …

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How to Transfer Money

Eventually you will need to transfer money in Changwon. Maybe you will want to run in a foot race. Or you will want to rent a pension. Or you will want to buy something. Anyway, when this happens, do not panic. It is quite a simple thing to do. And …

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Halloween is right around the corner. Finding a costume in South Korea takes a little more planning than back home. We have compiled a list of options for you. If you have another place that has Halloween goodness, please let us know on Changwonderful’s Facebook. Sunny Smart Shopping Sunny will help you …

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Better Know a Dong: Dogye and Sodap

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam View Dogye and Sodab Dong, Changwon in a larger map The two dongs sitting perpendicular to each other at the end of the Wonidaero can seem a little perplexing at first glance; a large rest area between the vibrant Palyong-dong and the opulence …

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Changwon Computer Market

Admittedly, “computer market” is a loose term.  창원기계공구상가, which translates to Changwon Machine Tools is a large, dingy building full of shops selling a wide range of equipment.  The second floor (which may or may not be assessable primarly through unlit stairwells) contains many computer-related shops.  Laptops, desktops, RAM, and other components …

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Books in Changwon

There are several ways to acquire books in Changwon. Below is the breakdown. Bookstores View Books Stores in Changwon in a larger map Kyobo Bookstore Kyobo has the largest supply of English Books in Changwon (that we are currently aware of), as well as books on learning Korean and books in Korean. It …

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Asia Marts

Asia Marts are a common occurrence throughout Korea. They usually have a big red sign and lots of ads for Calling Cards. Inside is a treasure trove of foods not normally found in typical Korean grocery stores. Though sometimes hard to find, these stores are fun to wander through,with their Halal meats, …

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Cookie Plaza

While not the cheapest option for foreign foods, Cookie Plaza (쿠키프라자) does have some things that no other shops in Changwon have, namely baking supplies. If you are lucky enough to own an actual oven, this place has a plethora of ingredients, utensils and kitchen wares, conveniently located all in …

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The T-Shirt Shop (Auckland)

  Wandering around Jungang-dong, you may have seen Auck-Land (오클랜드). They always have lots of clothing outside for sale. It takes up two buildings and has a second floor, but the layout changes all the time, so its hard to say what exactly you will find. The have a large …

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