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Articles about important culture spots in Changwon:

A Walking Tour of Masan

By Rafael Hernandez 1. Moonshin Art Museum (문신미술관) In the Chusan-dong district of Masan, there are a couple of museums that are almost free, with a great view of the Masan Bay and make for a great outing for those weekends when you want to do local tourism. The Moonshin Art …

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Palyong Dong in Pictures

Here are some pictures to accompany Better Know a  Dong: Palyong Dong courtesy of Andrew Cheng. By hovering over the picture you will see the name of what is pictured. Use these pictures to plan your next Palyong adventure but be warned; these pictures were taken in February, 2014. We …

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Movie Theaters in Changwon

Paul Hyland, master of all things movie, gave us this gem that everyone should know. “If trying to find a website for movie listings, just link to www.google.com/movies and it will bring you immediate listings at the cinema nearest your location, and tell you if it’s in English or Korean. …

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Changwon Marine Park

Located on Eumji-do, on the south coast of Jinhae, is the Changwon Marine Park (formerly known as Jinhae Marine Park).  Connected to the mainland via the 250m long Eumji bridge, it is a complex, initially started in 2000 at a cost of 52 billion won. The Oceanic Life Theme Park …

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Maritime Filming Set

Deep down south in the Masan countryside (Gusan myeon), on the edge of an East China Sea inlet, is a historical recreation filming set for TV dramas. The filming set, which is a small formation of buildings, includes an iron smelting facility, a horse stable, and markets, all decorated with wares …

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House of Changwon

House of Changwon (창원의 집) is one of the few peeks into ancient Korean culture offered in Changwon.  Formerly the residence of a scholar named Ducheol, visitors can catch a glimpse into what life what life in Korea back in the day.  Or at least what life was like for …

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Yongji Lake

One thing that people seem to know about before they come to Changwon is Yongji Lake. Yongji is a very small manmade lake. It has a nice soft track around it and a nice field behind it to play or relax. The crown jewel of this lake is the the water …

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Seongsan Shell Mound

Seongsan Shell Mound “성산패총” is a large park on Oe-dong mountain, containing a mound of shells dating back to the early Iron Age.  These shells (as well as pottery and bones) give archeologists important study materials regarding the lives of early settlers in the southern tip of the Korean peninsula.  The site was …

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Gyeongsangnam do Korean War Monument

Built in 1985, the Korean War Monument (충혼탑) is located in Uichang gu, near the row of parks stretching from Deok dong to Sam dong.  Set back from the street is a massive 47.1 meter (+150 feet) monument dedicated to the 1,142 soldiers from Gyeongsangnam province that died in the …

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National 3:15 Cemetery

The National 3:15 Cemetery is dedicated to lives lost during a protest in Masan on March 15, 1960.  It overlooks Masan from the side of the mountain behind the Hite factory in Masanhoewon gu.  In addition to the cemetery, there is a large monument as well.  Unrelated, but behind the complex …

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Junam Reservoir

Junam Reservoir is 20 minutes outside of Changwon, yet once in the area it is possible to feel like you are in a different part of the country. The flat open space, the surrounding farms and small towns, the horses, the trails, all rejuvinatethe spirit. Junam Reservoir itself can be …

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