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Halloween In Changwon!

Changwon City, Halloween 2018

It’s an EARLY HALLOWEEN in CHANGWON! It’s an early Halloween here in South Korea. Here are some of the events and things going on today and tonight for Halloween 2018 right here in Changwon. There are always a lot of Halloween costume contests, drink specials, and more going on every …

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Migrants Arirang Festival 2014

For exact event information please click here. As there isn’t much information in English, I’ve tried to decipher the Korean and this is the result: Friday, October 10th – 7 PM – 9 PM will be the opening ceremony. There will be an opening performance from: Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia, …

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International Money Order

The United States Seoul Embassy offers numerous services via mail. Unless you go in person, you must pay with an International Money Order made out to the US Embassy. This is not a common bank service in Changwon so here’s how to do it: KEB and NH are the two …

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Labor Day Is May First

This is just a little public service announcement (Is this a public service? That’s a question) to remind or inform anyone who is working here in Korea on a contract–that’s you, English teachers, factory workers, anyone who is given an annual contract and doesn’t work for the government–gets the day …

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Written by Collette Lee One of the nicest parts about working as an expat in Korea is that we have ample opportunity to see parts of the world we otherwise might not have had the chance to visit. However, it is generally a good idea to avoid catching something that …

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The New Immigration Office

The new immigration office sits in bureaucratic hiding towards the Free Trade Area of Masan. The short move: 300 yards down the street, seems to have invigorated the staff and instilled some efficiency. To get there, taking a bus is only around 5 minutes longer than a taxi, although a …

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Movie Theaters in Changwon

Paul Hyland, master of all things movie, gave us this gem that everyone should know. “If trying to find a website for movie listings, just link to www.google.com/movies and it will bring you immediate listings at the cinema nearest your location, and tell you if it’s in English or Korean. …

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Changwonderful Hot Tip #1

This map has it all. Really. If you are new to the area, or starting to look for new places to explore, check out this fantastic map. Have some places to add? Open up the map in a larger view (below) and send a message to Steve. He generously opens …

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Neighborhood Map (Masan-happo gu, Masan-hoewon gu)

Continuing the task of mapping out Changwon’s neighborhoods (dongs), here is our map of central Masan, including Masan-happo gu and Masan-hoewon gu.  Unlike our central Changwon map, we were able to track down the actual neighborhood borders, thanks to the korean-language version of Masan’s wikipedia pages (1, 2).  For the …

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Visa Run to Fukuoka

Please note: All information in this article is current as of early 2013.  If viewing this well in the future, logistics and numbers may vary. If you’ve been here awhile (or at least long enough to be changing jobs), you’ll have learned that if you have a tourist, student, or …

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Changwon Daero Map

Ever wonder what a ‘daero’ (대로) is?  It’s a big road.  They’re all over town.  Most famous in Changwon is Changwon Daero. This is the large, extremely straight road north of industrial complex.  If you’ve ever wondered what or where they are, use this simplified map!

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OBGYNs in Changwon

When it comes to Lady Parts, it is nice to have someone who speaks English. Below is a compilation of the known English speaking women’s doctors in Changwon. Click on the blue pins for more information. If you have any more recommendations, please send us a message on our facebook …

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Cats and Dogs

Many people find themselves with a wonderful ball of fur while here in Changwon. We have collected the hospitals in the area where Veterinarians are known to speak English. ** At the moment we don’t have any emergency numbers. When you visit your veterinarian, please ask about numbers and prices for …

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Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is an alternative to a doctor visit for many minor problems foreigners face. There are many places all over Changwon and Korea to help with muscle pains, digestion, stress,  etc. They are also extremely inexpensive. When I had back pain, my co-teacher suggested going to the Oriental Clinic …

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