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The Changwon Expats Facebook Group gets quite a few requests during summertime for the whereabouts of the Bukmyeon river beach so I figured I’d write up something about this place. Bukmyeon is known for its persimmons and hot springs. In a previous article, we wrote about these hot springs. Now as …

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Sun Beach Waterpark

Upon driving up the road towards the Jangbok tunnel, I came to notice a waterpark in Jinhae. After speaking to my students about their summer vacations, I have confirmed its name: Sun Beach. It is where Parkland amusement park once was. Anyways, I can’t promise it is amazingly awesome but …

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Paryongsan Stone Pagodas

One of the many great hiking places in Changwon. Thanks to Coby Zeifman for the pictures. Map below. Pictures (with story) originally posted here. View Paryongsan Pagodas in a larger map

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Cafe HaU

  If you haven’t been to Cafe HaU before, you are in for a refreshing treat. Cafe HaU is one of the nicest cafes in Changwon with a great selection of hand drip fair trade coffee. They use Kalita pots to brew the delicious coffee and you can taste the difference. …

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Movie Theaters in Changwon

Paul Hyland, master of all things movie, gave us this gem that everyone should know. “If trying to find a website for movie listings, just link to www.google.com/movies and it will bring you immediate listings at the cinema nearest your location, and tell you if it’s in English or Korean. …

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Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is an alternative to a doctor visit for many minor problems foreigners face. There are many places all over Changwon and Korea to help with muscle pains, digestion, stress,  etc. They are also extremely inexpensive. When I had back pain, my co-teacher suggested going to the Oriental Clinic …

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Yoga and Hot Yoga are prevalent all over Changwon. In general, most yoga places are not in English, but are still possible to attend and learn from. The cost is generally around 100,000 per month and class times vary from place to place. The map below is evolving as we gather …

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China Massage

China Massage is located in the building across from Daiso in Sangnam Dong. They offer great massages at reasonable prices. China Massage is a reputable place where you get what you pay for and don’t need to worry about any hidden surprises. Inside China Massage is a simple menu with …

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