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The Changwon Expats Facebook Group gets quite a few requests during summertime for the whereabouts of the Bukmyeon river beach so I figured I’d write up something about this place. Bukmyeon is known for its persimmons and hot springs. In a previous article, we wrote about these hot springs. Now as …

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Temples in Jinhae

There are a few beautiful temples in Jinhae that are well hidden in the Jangbok mountain. The lower temple, Daegwangsa 대광사, has a beautiful garden and peaceful location.  Upon wandering around, I found myself surprised to see that there was a Sri Lankan monk who lives and manages the temple …

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Cafe Street (Garosoo-gil/가로수길)

Garosoo-gil in Korean (가로수길) means a tree-lined street. The most famous avenue with this moniker is in the ritzy Sinsa-dong in Seoul, but Changwon has its own Garosoo-gil in Yongji-dong, near Yongji Lake. The official name of the street is 용지로239번길 (Yongji-ro 239 beon-gil), but it’s more commonly known to …

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All About Jinhae

Some current updated links for information on the 2019 Festival: Official Tourism Website JinHae Cherry Blossom Festival on Twitter Changwon City Official Blog View Jinhae (진해) in a larger map Known for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Jinhae, or sometimes Chinhae (진해), is the smallest and southernmost city in the tri-city …

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Sangnam “Barefoot” Park

Do you live in Sangnam? Do you want a break from the constant hustle and bustle of living in the neon capital of Changwon? Then there is a perfect place for you hidden right in your very own neighborhood. A few blocks up from Cookie Plaza and next to Ungnam …

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Paryongsan Stone Pagodas

One of the many great hiking places in Changwon. Thanks to Coby Zeifman for the pictures. Map below. Pictures (with story) originally posted here. View Paryongsan Pagodas in a larger map

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Changwonderful Hot Tip #1

This map has it all. Really. If you are new to the area, or starting to look for new places to explore, check out this fantastic map. Have some places to add? Open up the map in a larger view (below) and send a message to Steve. He generously opens …

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House of Changwon

House of Changwon (창원의 집) is one of the few peeks into ancient Korean culture offered in Changwon.  Formerly the residence of a scholar named Ducheol, visitors can catch a glimpse into what life what life in Korea back in the day.  Or at least what life was like for …

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Yongji Lake

One thing that people seem to know about before they come to Changwon is Yongji Lake. Yongji is a very small manmade lake. It has a nice soft track around it and a nice field behind it to play or relax. The crown jewel of this lake is the the water …

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Rose Park

Changwon’s seasonally flower-filled park, Rose Park (장미공원) is a great place to see many colors and species of roses in the early summer (late May – early June).  A popular tourist spot when the roses are blooming, expect to see lots of families taking photos and having picnics.  Just outside …

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Junam Reservoir

Junam Reservoir is 20 minutes outside of Changwon, yet once in the area it is possible to feel like you are in a different part of the country. The flat open space, the surrounding farms and small towns, the horses, the trails, all rejuvinatethe spirit. Junam Reservoir itself can be …

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Daewon Leports Park

Daewon Leports Park is a large park in Daewon-dong, east of Homeplus, across the river.  This large park is home to multiple courts/courses/fields for a wide array of sports.  In fact, a list of the included sports might require some research to fully understand.  Either way, this park provides an …

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