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The Changwon Expats Facebook Group gets quite a few requests during summertime for the whereabouts of the Bukmyeon river beach so I figured I’d write up something about this place. Bukmyeon is known for its persimmons and hot springs. In a previous article, we wrote about these hot springs. Now as …

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Changwon Salsa and Bachata Dancing

  Here is information regarding Salsa and Bachata dance classes in Changwon. The class  features New York style salsa (ON2) class and is aimed towards beginners. Anyone who wants to learn how to salsa dance can take this class.   For more information please join their official Facebook page. 

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Sun Beach Waterpark

Upon driving up the road towards the Jangbok tunnel, I came to notice a waterpark in Jinhae. After speaking to my students about their summer vacations, I have confirmed its name: Sun Beach. It is where Parkland amusement park once was. Anyways, I can’t promise it is amazingly awesome but …

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Sangnam “Barefoot” Park

Do you live in Sangnam? Do you want a break from the constant hustle and bustle of living in the neon capital of Changwon? Then there is a perfect place for you hidden right in your very own neighborhood. A few blocks up from Cookie Plaza and next to Ungnam …

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Seobu Sports Center

Excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics? Korean star Kim Yuna will probably dominate the figure skating competition, and if you fall in love with her like the rest of the country has, perhaps you will be inspired to try your hand (or foot) at ice skating. Changwon doesn’t get much …

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Kayaking around Changwon

Kayaking around coastal areas is very exciting.It’s a pity that we can not find good kayak programs and rent shops in South Korea. However there are a few kayak shops near Changwon. In the summer season there are marine leisure schools in Changwon. Kwanganri Marine Leports Center in Busan opens all year round. When persons …

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Foot Races in Changwon

Contributed by Snot Rocket Scientist Eric Hidalgo. There are normally five organized foot races in Changwon every year, two in the spring and three in the fall. But before that, here’s a list of some general information about races in Korea. 1. All organized races in Korea are called “marathons” regardless …

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Yoga and Hot Yoga are prevalent all over Changwon. In general, most yoga places are not in English, but are still possible to attend and learn from. The cost is generally around 100,000 per month and class times vary from place to place. The map below is evolving as we gather …

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Gomduri Sports Centre

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam The newly opened Bears/Gomduri (or 곰두리 for those Hangeully inclined) Sports Centre [editor’s note: 곰두리 could also mean a disabled person, though the gym serves everyone] in Dogye dong represents the first competition to Seobu Sports Centre in a long while. Free …

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