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Labor Day Is May First

This is just a little public service announcement (Is this a public service? That’s a question) to remind or inform anyone who is working here in Korea on a contract–that’s you, English teachers, factory workers, anyone who is given an annual contract and doesn’t work for the government–gets the day …

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I <3 Changwon: City Hall Outreach

Changwon City Hall are looking for twenty Changwon expats in order to promote the city both online via social media and at in-person events such as international conferences and dinners. City Hall are also looking for our input as a valued demographic in Changwon, so the position would also include …

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Support Your Local iDIY Professional

I dropped a phone. The screen broke. The back screen broke. A beautiful pane of shattered touch-screen glass all over a classroom. A thousand shards in a fingertip. Apple products aren’t that hard to repair yourself. The guides at www.ifixit.com are comprehensive and unsoiled. Here’s the typical end-user experience of …

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Hitting the Nail On The Head

The lack of readily available tools and hardware stores is the single most emasculating thing about living in South Korea. Whether you want to cover yourself in 10W40 motor oil and eat a burger or just stab yourself repeatedly in the foot with a screwdriver, the poor selection of tools …

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The New Immigration Office

The new immigration office sits in bureaucratic hiding towards the Free Trade Area of Masan. The short move: 300 yards down the street, seems to have invigorated the staff and instilled some efficiency. To get there, taking a bus is only around 5 minutes longer than a taxi, although a …

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Sewing Store in Dogye dong

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam Sewing Factory in Dogye Dong offers a selection of thread, material, equipment and general textile auxiliaries for the discerning, stylish Dogyite looking to mend that pair of trousers they broke fighting that alligator one time. Located about 100m past Seobu Sports Centre …

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Better Know a Dong: Dogye and Sodap

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam View Dogye and Sodab Dong, Changwon in a larger map The two dongs sitting perpendicular to each other at the end of the Wonidaero can seem a little perplexing at first glance; a large rest area between the vibrant Palyong-dong and the opulence …

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Gomduri Sports Centre

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam The newly opened Bears/Gomduri (or 곰두리 for those Hangeully inclined) Sports Centre [editor’s note: 곰두리 could also mean a disabled person, though the gym serves everyone] in Dogye dong represents the first competition to Seobu Sports Centre in a long while. Free …

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