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What’s new with Changwonderful

Our site has changed a lot because of our redesign.  You might be overwhelmed, confused, or maybe just frustrated that everything has moved around.  Here’s an overview of what’s going on:

  • We now feature a menu across the top, each item having its own drop-down menu of topics.  Both the headers and subsections can be clicked to see a list of articles contained.
  • These sections have been expanded, hopefully helping you more easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Our previous site did not hide the full sized articles, forcing the viewer to scroll the entire text to get to the next article.  Now, each section is presented with only the article titles.  Clicking these will reveal the whole article.
  • Each article is now attributed to an author, meaning you can easily know who wrote what, and by clicking their name, or viewing the contributors page, you can view all of their work!
  • The side bar of the site now features a search bar, recent articles, and other helpful information.  Anyone who has tried the old search bar will be happy to know that this search bar actually works!
  • Our main page now features a splash slider, giving you a heads up on stuff we’re extra proud of.
  • The comments sections have been removed.  The previous site had one, but it was difficult to use, and rarely utilized.  If you have something to say, please feel free to use our facebook page.
  • Speaking of facebook, Changwonderful is now more thoroughly fb integrated, allowing  you to more easily like posts, and send articles to people or groups!
  • And finally, everything is much more blue.  Sky blue.