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Changwon Immigration Office

*** Immigration has moved!! Until we get the new information, here is a flyer from immigration. The new building is behind HiMart. The new phone number is 055) 981-6000.** Whether you need a new visa, are switching contracts, or something else, the Immigration Office provides Changwon with all things immigration. The …

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How to Get a License

Between the buses and Nubija in Changwon, it is pretty easy to get around. However, if you are still in need of a transportation fix it is possible to buy a car or scooter. We’ll save details for how to buy a car in Changwon for a later post. In …

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Books in Changwon

There are several ways to acquire books in Changwon. Below is the breakdown. Bookstores View Books Stores in Changwon in a larger map Kyobo Bookstore Kyobo has the largest supply of English Books in Changwon (that we are currently aware of), as well as books on learning Korean and books in Korean. It …

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An Introduction to Nubija

Nubija (Nearby Useful Bike, Interesting Joyful Attraction) is Changwon’s bicycle lending program.  It was started up in 2008, and as of Spring 2012, there are 230 unmanned terminals to check in and out the bikes, through use of a membership card (MyBi pass) or one-day pass (via the station kiosk). …

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Changwon Mascot Taxonomy

As with most of the +120 cities and counties in South Korea, Changwon has its own mascot/character.  Furthermore, since the city assumed the areas of former cities Masan and Jinhae, the mascots of three cities were combined into one.  The following is a chart showing the changes made.  Below that …

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Pension Office

Many foreigners working in South Korea pay a portion of their monthly salary into the National Pension Service.  As with most paper work-related activity in Korea, the specific information, such as which countries participate in the program or their level of participation, varies. Without intending to be the authority on …

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The Dentist

Edit 23/03/14: National Health Insurance now seemingly does cover dental! We’re not 100% sure on the details but for now just assume that it’s going to be cheaper. If anyone has the low down on what the accurate prices are with insurance, please message us. Either way, it is not …

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