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October 2012 Festivals – Oct 6th 7th

October in Korea is full of festivals!  Here’s a map detailing when and where some festivals are for the weekend of October 6th and 7th.  We put it together using Korean Tourism Org’s database.  Please note that not all festivals appear there, and thus we have a difficult time tracking …

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Dowon Art Zone

If you are looking for a place to find some great things to send home to friend and family, this is the place. Reasonably priced, extremely friendly, family owned, and located in Jungang Dong, Dowon is an experience you expected to have in Korea, yet haven’t had yet. Go check …

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This is a work in process as we find more opportunities to volunteer in Changwon. If you know of anything, please let us know! Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary (Shindogs) is a great option for volunteering. Every Saturday you can go an visit with the dogs, walking them and helping around the …

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Better Know a Dong: Dogye and Sodap

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam View Dogye and Sodab Dong, Changwon in a larger map The two dongs sitting perpendicular to each other at the end of the Wonidaero can seem a little perplexing at first glance; a large rest area between the vibrant Palyong-dong and the opulence …

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Gomduri Sports Centre

Contributed by Conrad Hughes: The Man With The Plam The newly opened Bears/Gomduri (or 곰두리 for those Hangeully inclined) Sports Centre [editor’s note: 곰두리 could also mean a disabled person, though the gym serves everyone] in Dogye dong represents the first competition to Seobu Sports Centre in a long while. Free …

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Movie Makers of Changwon

This post is the first of a series looking at the people who live or lived in Changwon and create.  Specifically, this post looks at the movie makers of our city, past and present. It would be naive to claim this to be the definitive source on the topic, as certainly, there are many …

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