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Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival – Map & Transportation

One of the highlights of spring in Changwon is the cherry blossoms. This occasion is highlighted with the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival which will take place this year from April 1-10, 2014. (For information about this year’s events and venues, click here.) The festival is located in the western part …

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Changwon Mascot Taxonomy

As with most of the +120 cities and counties in South Korea, Changwon has its own mascot/character.  Furthermore, since the city assumed the areas of former cities Masan and Jinhae, the mascots of three cities were combined into one.  The following is a chart showing the changes made.  Below that …

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Translated Gimbap Menu

Here is an approximate menu for any generic gimbap restaurant, mimicking the black and white menu pads generally used. The items are organized by genre when possible, and each item has the hangul spelling, romanized appoximation, and a brief description. We attempted to feature a wide variety of normal items, …

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Gyeongnam FC

Gyeongnam FC is Changwon’s K-League soccer team.  The K-League the highest league in South Korea, and consists of 16 publicly or privately owned teams.  Gyeongnam FC is owned by the Gyeongsangnam province, and sponsored by STX Corporation and Gyeongnam Bank.  The team has existed since 2006, and in 2010, the team relocated to the …

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